Bathing Aids

We understand that it is important to have privacy and independence in the bathroom and our team are dedicated to offering each customer just that. We help by offering a massive range of bathing aids to assist those who are unable or just a little unsteady in the bathroom. From the extra support of bath rails to the comfort of seats and lifts, our team can offer guidance in all areas of the bathroom.


Steps can give people who find lifting their legs over the entire edge of the bath difficult a little extra help. With non-slip steps, sturdy build and discreet design, they offer a helping hand to this essential, everyday task.

Boards and Seats

For people who find lowering themselves into the bath a strain, we can offer a board which sits across the sides of the bath or a seat which aids sitting in the bath. Depending on what each customer feels is most comfortable, our knowledgeable and honest team can assess which aid is best for them, offering advice when making this decision.


Our large range of bathing rails can once again make bathing a relaxing and enjoyable experience. We offer bath rails which sit on the inside of the bath to give a little extra help, or floor-fixed rails which add greater stability when getting in and out of the bath. We also offer a range of rails which fix onto taps and add more security when sitting in the bath, something our team can advise customers on individually.


Bathlifts can give people who are unable to lift themselves in or out of the bath the freedom to bathe in privacy and dignity. Our extensive range of battery operated lifts enable the user to get as low in the bath as possible and get out easily. Expert advice from our team ensures each customer purchases the lift that best suits their needs.

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