Household Kitchen & Dining Aids

The limitation of hand or wrist movement doesn’t necessarily mean the end of cooking and preparing meals for friends and family. We offer a large range of appliances and aids to assist with every aspect of food preparation, cooking and serving, allowing our customers to enjoy quality time spent in the kitchen.

Kitchen Aids

Our range of kitchen aids can provide a safer and easier daily environment. From a kettle tipper, to make your morning cup of tea, to tap turners, to doing the washing up, there is something to make each day a little easier.

Cooking Aids

Cooking for themselves offers our customers a great sense of freedom and independence, so we are more than happy to spend time advising and demonstrating our latest gadgets designed to help out in the kitchen. We stock a variety of aids such as stable work stations, chopping boards with a securely fixed knife or devices for moving hot plates.


Foam or contoured handled cutlery can allow people with reduced use of their hands or fingers the opportunity to feed themselves. Larger handles can give a more comfortable grip, whereas curved cutlery can be used effectively with one hand, making life for our customers that little bit easier.