Powerchairs are perfect for those who cannot propel themselves in a manual wheelchair, our range of indoor, outdoor or travel chairs can offer a smoother ride and precise steering, reducing the need for an attendant or supervision. By taking into account what each customer may use their chair for and how often they will use it we can give the best possible advice.

Indoor / Outdoor

Indoor / Outdoor wheelchairs are a hybrid of separate indoor and outdoor chairs. They are small enough to fit easily in the main areas of most homes, but also large enough to travel short distances outside. They have a medium turning circle, so moving from room to room is easy, and large wheels that can withstand outside pavements and kerbs for short distances.


Outdoor wheelchairs are strong, durable and capable of carrying the user over uneven terrain for long distances in comfort and style – perfect for those who still like to get out and about. Outdoor wheelchairs offer our customers the ability to carry on independently and unaided.

Travel / Indoor

Travel or indoor wheelchairs aid those who have trouble moving around their home, shops or confined areas. These wheelchairs offer our customers an unaided method of enjoying their homes and days out, with their ability to fold down into a car boot and be stored away they are the perfect assistant in everyday living.


We offer a wide range of wheelchairs that can be altered to fit each of our customers individually. Nearly every aspect of these chairs can be tailored, such as the height and depth of the seat and the size and contours of the back rest, arm rest and leg rests. Our advisors can guide and help each customer through the decision process with their knowledge and expertise.

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