Rise & Recline & High Seat Chairs

When sitting and standing become a concern, the pleasure of relaxing can be taken away. Our range of Rise and Recline chairs allow the user to be lowered into the chair and then lifted to the standing position when they wish to stand. With our large range of designs and fabrics there is sure to be something to fit every home, allowing everyone the chance to relax with peace of mind.

Single & Dual Motor

Rise and Recline chairs are available either with one or two motors, offering customers different degrees of assistance. Both can rise to meet the user as they lower into the seat, taking the strain as the user reaches the perfect sitting position. They then repeat the process in reverse, lifting the person to the standing position smoothly and safely. The difference between the two chairs is the extra motor which allows the foot rest to be operated separately, giving the user a wider choice of sitting positions.


We are proud to offer a wide range of chairs that can be modified and upholstered to suit each customer’s taste and needs. Along with a large range of materials, most aspects of the chair’s shape and size can be altered to suit our customer’s personal specifications. Our team’s expert knowledge can guide each customer through the process to ensure satisfaction.

High Seat Chairs

We are able to supply an attractive range of high seat, fireside chairs including some with manual seat rise to assist standing, some with manual reclining backs and one with drop down armrests to allow wheelchair users to slide across to the chair. We are also able to supply contract seating such as stacking chairs for the NHS, private hospitals and healthcare establishments.