Stairlifts offer people who have difficulty climbing stairs an alternative to the pain and hassle of moving house; they allow customers the opportunity to enjoy the whole of their house with ease and comfort. Our range of Meditek stairlifts can be installed quickly and efficiently with little disruption.


Straight stairlifts can fit straight stairs with ease, offering the user unprecedented access to the whole of their home. We can visit each home and advise each customer personally, ensuring each stairlift fits perfectly.


For curved stairs we supply custom-build stairlifts offering a range of options, enabling the chair to fit within every home. We offer swiveling seats for easy access, complete fold-away seats or hinge tracks to allow access to doors, plus platforms to allow access on staggered steps. ‘Made to measure’ or curved track stairlifts can be supplied, these can travel around bends on the stairs and can be made to over run on to the landing. We will visit you at home to assess and advise which would be most suitable.

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