Walking Frames & Rollators

With the help of a walking frame, moving around the home or shops with ease can once again become a possibility. When movement is restricted and prolonged standing can cause pain or discomfort, walking frames allow the user extra support without compromising their freedom of movement


These strong yet light frames are designed to offer support when you need it the most. They can be stored away easily and comfortably when not needed. The aluminium frames offer reliability whilst still being versatile enough to store in small spaces. They are fully alterable to match the customer’s height and size, offering the perfect fit.


Walking frames may also be equipped with 2, 3 or 4 wheels for added ease of movement. Their light weight aluminium frames and smooth rubber wheels allow for smooth and easy manoeuvrability around the home and other level terrain. They are all supplied with adjustable elements, such as handles, seats and legs, allowing each customer to maintain the perfect fit. They also come equipped with a shopping basket to make daily tasks even easier.